The Catskills Permaculture Community Hub is a cooperative permaculture demonstration and education site dedicated to cultivating regenerative land stewardship practices throughout the Catskill mountain region, practices that promote a healthy ecosystem and food security for our community and the greater Catsills.

Our approach is grounded in the three ethics of permaculture:

Care for the Earth: our mission is to work with local land stewards & owners to design and cultivate regenerative agricultural practices that promote a diverse, sustainable landscape across the mountaintop. We prioritize practices that mitigate the impacts of climate change, such as carbon sequestering food forestry and soil remediation, and that support a diverse ecosystem of native plant and animal life.

Care for People: we are a worker-owned cooperative committed to making our work accessible to people who lack economic opportunity. We train our workers with supportive apprenticeship programs and practice radical transparency in determining how resources are distributed to members of the hub who are collectively designing, building, and stewarding the land project.

Share the Surplus: we provide accessible trainings in permaculture practices to share the wealth of knowledge our project is generating with the larger community. We also partner with local organizations to share surplus harvests from our food forests and gardens with people in need. And physical resources - tools, plant cuttings, etc. - are also made accessible to other people desiring to practice permaculture.

The CPCH is located at Mossy Stone Farms in Prattsville, NY. We serve as a demonstration and learning site for regenerative permaculture practices, as well as a base of operations for our land-based work across region.